Brown,Green and Peach Endless Tube Scarf

in: Scarves



Brown, Green, and peach tube scarf are the colors in this scarf. Although Silk Dupioni, taffeta, sheers, solid color silks, printed cottons, velvet, rayon, polyesters, and vintage silks - just to name a few of the burst of color, texture and pattern sewn into these versatile scarves.  Never ending, reversible, and magic are some of the words used to describe these endless tube scarves.  Just grab in, pull and smooth out. The colors change with every turn. There’s no beginning and there’s no end. They add a colorful layer of warmth over dresses, tops, tees and jackets without adding bulk. They are available in 4 different sizes. Shorts are 70”; Mediums are 80”; Longs are 100”; and Extra Longs are 112” in length which can be tied and wrapped in a multitude of ways.