Silk Painting Class

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I took a silk painting class last month and I think my project turned out okay.

I had no idea how to paint on silk with resist and add paint with silk dyes. Well just look at this step by step process.




First we had to draw something. Okay, I don’t draw so well so I used a quilt photo as inspiration. We laid the drawing under the silk to trace. We traced our design on the silk using a water soluble pen.


  We taped the design to a cardboard box to apply the resist. 


 Here is the design with the resist traced over the pen markings. I decided not to trace all the lines. Artistic license.


After the resist had dried, I painted the silk in with Jacquard silk paints. After everything was dried we sent them off with the instructor, Ann Ragland Bowns. She had to steam them all and send them back to us.

When I received mine back I was shocked to see the newsprint was stuck on and it was all crumpled up. I thought it was ruined. But Anne included some instructions on how to wash it and soak off all the newsprint. This is what it looked like when I got it back in the mail. Pretty scarey.


 Washed and pressed, here’s the finished project. What do you think?



Silk painting class and more

Silk painting class and more project turned out okay, no idea about the services how to paint to silk with resist and add paint. The more thoughts here step by step and increases the process and objectives.

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