Oh Martha

Oh Martha


I love Martha Stewart Jewelry Enamel Paints. I can’t believe I like anything Martha, but I love these paints.  I had an opportunity to demo these enamel paints at a Michaels Store event and since then I really like the way they dry resin hard.  You can mix the colors to create your own color palette. I experimented and painted on metal washers. 


You have to mix the Jewelry Enamel Activator 2 parts and the enamel paint color 1 part together and let it stand for about 15 minutes or longer. It thickens and is applied with a toothpick. It is self-leveling. The color will flow to the edge but will not go over. It dries in 72 hours.


It comes in Habanero red, Yellow Jacket, Green Olive, Leaf Bud, Pool, Wild Blueberry, Camellia Pink, Mace, Shadow, and Meringue.

enamel paints on washers

It may be a long process but the results are perfection.  Did I say I love Martha Stewart Enamel Paints?  Just wait and see what I do in upcoming posts.



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The opportunity to demo these

The opportunity to demo these enamel paints and effective process as well and dry resin hard. I am using the GetEssayHelp site and create your own color palette and thickens and is applied with a toothpick.

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