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Saturday, December 15, 2012

There’s a time in your life that you need to wake up and make things happen. You need to get the show on the road. Well I need to get moving and make things period.  As I sit here with ten day before Christmas and not a single gift under the tree, nothing made, nothing to wrap. I’m not inspired to do anything and time is running out.

To get inspired I spent all day today looking through old magazines articles I had cut from magazines dating back to 1974.  To my surprise many of them are still in fashion to this day just the colors have changed. I never had the opportunity to make many of them back in the day because the supplies were not easily found. But now you can find all sorts of art and crafts supplies everywhere.

Old magazine clipsMore magazine clips to inspire

  old clips


Here are a few of my favorite craft and mixed media web sites to inspire you. Now maybe I will get inspired soon. I’m working on it.

 Dharma Trading Co

Dyes, paints, resists supplies for stamping and screen printing

Jacquard Products

Jacquard dyes, and fabric paints

Dick Blick Art Supplies


Jewelry Supplies


Mixed Media Supplies

Sewing supplies


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