Hand Painted Zippered Bag

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hand Painted Zippered Bag


In January of this year I taught surface design techniques from one of my favorite books “Acrylic Techniques” by Roxanne Padgett. Well, we just finished the best instructional book on painted surface design.

The members of the group and I had a great time. Chapter by chapter, we made color wheels, scribbled with paint, layered with stamps and made and used texture plates.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

We made our own business cards with all the painted papers and wrapped up the session by completing a zippered bag with the painted canvas. You can see some of the photos from the sessions on the SCTA Surface Design yahoo group site. Sorry this group is private.


It was such a success that I am including the tutorial from the zippered bag session.


I love using my own painted canvas to make bags. I started with some of my painted canvas that was stenciled, layered using techniques from the book.


First cut down two of the canvas pieces to 7 1/2” x 9 1/2”. I added an extra slice of painted canvas just to add some variety cutting with pinking shears.



I used painter’s tape to hold the zipper in because painted canvas is too thick for pins.


  Sew in the zipper removing the tape as you sew. Add a little Fray Check to seal the edges.


Unzip the zipper. Place a 5” piece of measuring tape ribbon, insert on the side sew with RST all around the two sides and the bottom.


Trim the corners close to the stitches. Square off the corners at the bottom ½” from the folded corners. Turn right side out. You’re done.



Create a zipper pull using a safety pin, needle nose pliers and seed beads. Connect with a jump ring. These bags are easy to make.  Use the bag for art supplies, makeup or jewelry.







Yvonne Warren


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