1. My purse pattern

2. Cutting the leather


3. Prepping the strap.

Hand Painted Zippered Bag

Hand Painted Zippered Bag


In January of this year I taught surface design techniques from one of my favorite books “Acrylic Techniques” by Roxanne Padgett. Well, we just finished the best instructional book on painted surface design.

The members of the group and I had a great time. Chapter by chapter, we made color wheels, scribbled with paint, layered with stamps and made and used texture plates.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Oh Martha

Oh Martha


I love Martha Stewart Jewelry Enamel Paints. I can’t believe I like anything Martha, but I love these paints.  I had an opportunity to demo these enamel paints at a Michaels Store event and since then I really like the way they dry resin hard.  You can mix the colors to create your own color palette. I experimented and painted on metal washers. 

Flower Pins

Flower Pins


I realized I had a lot of beautiful polyester scraps left over from my endless tube scarves just lying around. I never want to throw anything away. I never waste a thing. I decided to make something out of them. I came up with these flower brooches that are also hair pins.

Silk Painting Class

I took a silk painting class last month and I think my project turned out okay.

I had no idea how to paint on silk with resist and add paint with silk dyes. Well just look at this step by step process.


Design Academy Certified Instructor

 I’ve been beading for well over 30 years, long before all the beautiful beads and findings you see available now. I enjoy making all kinds of beaded jewelry. I love mixed media jewelry. Metal dapping and stamping are my favorite. I especially enjoy teaching jewelry making of all kinds. I don’t limit myself to experienced beaders and jewelry students. I love teaching beginners. Students who have no experience are a wonderful additional to any class. I can not wait to see what my students create.

I'm Working On It

There’s a time in your life that you need to wake up and make things happen. You need to get the show on the road. Well I need to get moving and make things period.  As I sit here with ten day before Christmas and not a single gift under the tree, nothing made, nothing to wrap. I’m not inspired to do anything and time is running out.

I'm not a writer

I am not a writer or journalist, in fact I haven't been much of a blogger this month. I have been busy getting ready for three back to back weekend shows.  I have been sewing and beading like crazy. Seems like I waited til the last minute to get everything ready.  I worried I won't have enough inventory to last me through all my shows.  But I always worry about that. 

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